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Welcome to the ToMaTo Testbed

The Topology Management Tool (ToMaTo) is a topology-centric network testbed, giving researchers the possibility to run their software in specifically designed virtual networking topologies.

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Version 4.0 released

Today, we have released a new version of ToMaTo: 4.0. The most notable changes are:

  • Drastically improved response times and overall speed by distributing the backend over different services
  • Now using a more reliable tamplate distribution strategy across hosts
  • Switches now use VpnCloud by default

The upgrade should not have affected running experiments. We hope that the upgrade process went smoothly, and that you can now use ToMaTo with improved response times. If you run into any issues with the new version, please let us know.

Version 4.0 update ahead

On the 18th of July we will update ToMaTo to version 4.0. This new version focuses on stability and performance.

On that day and maybe during the next few days, ToMaTo might not or only partly reachable. We work hard to make the update as smooth as possible. Experiments should continue to run during that but might be temporarily inaccessible. There should be no data loss because of the update, however we urge users to backup any important data (using the “topology export” and “image download” features).

Version 3.6 released

Today we released version 3.6 of ToMaTo. This new version contains among minor bugfixes and improvements the following major changes:

  • New database in backend: MongoDB, this should resolve many problems and increase performance
  • New design in web-interface and updated Jquery
  • Updated templates

As this was a huge change, we are currently working on some remaining issues including performance issues, they should be resolved shortly. Please report bugs and feature requests on the Github issue tracker or via mail to